Submission Guidelines

  1. You may submit as many Wise Practices as you like, under any category (or multiple categories!).

  2. When describing your wise practice, be as precise and concise as possible. For example: "Create mentorship programs for women running for elected positions."

  3. Measurement and Monitoring: Please be concise and report results if available. Results may be quantitative or qualitative and can be uploaded under the Tools and References section if needed. If results are still being collected, indicate "in process," but please provide your methodology.

  4. Tools and References: Any resources you found useful and wish to share can be uploaded here, or online links can be provided in the next section. If you receive a message that your file is too large, please contact us.

  5. Lessons Learned: Although this is an optional section, it is a valuable way to share with others both successes and mistakes. Please let others know what you might have done differently or changes you might make in the future.


Thank you for your participation!


Your Wise Practice will be loaded onto the grid under the relevant category (or categories), and we will notify you when this has been completed. Please encourage others you know to share their valuable wise work, too. 


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